Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Having thick wavy hair makes it really unmanageable challenge. To manage your unruly thick wavy hair, the best way is to get a new haircut which is suitable for thick wavy hair. Finding some cool and hip haircuts for thick wavy hair can make you feel more comfortable and look more glamorous. While you discover some haircuts for thick wavy hair, you must consider your face shape as well. A better haircut can make it easier to manage thick wavy hair as well as add more glam to your personality. Once you have a nice haircut, you may also style your hair into beautiful hairdos.

Haircuts for Thick Wavy HairHaircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Deep V

You’ve heard about U-cut, right? Similarly you may get your thick wavy hair cut into deep v as it will make your hair less voluminous and less tricky to manage. This haircut looks really amazing on wavy hair. As far as the length is concerned, this is thoroughly your choice, either you want to cut your hair medium or keep it long.Deep V

Layered Haircut

Deep forward layers make your hair look extremely glamour and elegant. Layered haircut is another way to tackle your thick wavy hair. This haircut again will make your hair more stylish and manageable. You may also try different styling on your hair as this is an exceedingly versatile haircut.Layered Haircut

Wavy Bob

If you want to cut your hair short then having cut it into a nice bob is a good option. This is a perfect hairstyle for wavy thick hair. You just need to ask your stylist to cut your hair into a long bob.Wavy Bob

Choppy Haircut

Choppy haircut is again the most sought after haircut by women who have thick wavy hair. This is one of the most popular haircuts for thick wavy hair. Women having sharp features and well-defined face structure can best pull this haircut off.Choppy Haircut

Finding yourself a nice haircut is all you need when you have thick wavy hair. Just pick any of the above mentioned haircuts for thick wavy hair and make heads turn to your side. Have fun with styling!

Pixie Haircuts for Women

For working women, they do not find enough of time to style and maintain their hair. In such situation, pixie haircuts for women who are busy in their professional life are a life savior. Pixie haircut requires cutting your hair real short in a voguish manner. In this style, one’s hair is cut close to the scalp and short till the ear length. This hairstyle enhances your facial features and looks great if done on fine, straight and silky hair. Some of the most famous celebrities who have been spotted sporting this hairstyle are Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightly, Sharon Stone and many others. Here we are going to talk over some pixie haircut for women.Pixie Haircuts for Women

Pixie Haircuts for Women

First of all I’d like to enlighten you girls with some advantages of having pixie haircut. This is very much evident that your hair can be managed and styled just in a few seconds. Even if you are running out of time in morning, it takes just a few seconds to make your hair look presentable. If you have a few minutes then you may use hair styling gel or even hairspray to style your hair into unique patterns…stylish Pixie Haircuts for Women

Pixie Haircut for Women with Bangs

Bangs do play a significant role in adding glam to the style of pixie haircuts for women. Bangs work wonders on pixie haircut especially when done on fine and straight hair. You may mold them in whatever the way you want to.Pixie Haircut for Women with Bangs

Pixie Haircuts for Women with Fringes

Sharp or blunt fringes look awesome with pixie haircut. If you pair your pixie haircut with nice looking fringes, it makes a glamorous haircut for you.Pixie Haircuts for Women with Fringes

Funky Pixie Haircuts for Women

To make your pixie haircut a bit funkier, you may consider adding some colors to your usual haircut. Be it red, blue or purple, I love all these colors to done on pixie haircuts. Try these colors on your pixie haircut and make heads turn.Funky Pixie Haircuts for Women

These were some awesome ideas for pixie haircuts for women that are worth trying for. Try these on and make your life simpler and easier.

Black Hairstyles for Long Hair

Black hair is generally curly by nature. And to tackle such hair, curly weave black hairstyles for long hair are best. Curly black hairstyles for long hair are synonyms with grace and glamor. These hairstyles look enormously gorgeous and sexy. If you have long curly hair then styling them into sexy hairstyles would make you look more gorgeous and glamorous. Long hair is versatile enough to try on any sort of hairstyle. So here we have some stunning curly weave black hairstyles for long hair.

Curly Weave Hairstyles for Long HairBlack Hairstyles for Long Hair

One idea is to piling your hair up on your crown to create a look of messy bun. Messy bun on long hair looks incredibly sexy.High bun

You may try pinning different sections of your hair using attractively studded clutch pins. This hairstyle is often used to enhance your facial features by making them appear sharp.curly hairstyle

Another cool option is to let your long curly locks cascade freely over your back. Ciara and Shakira best carry this style. This is a very much famous hairstyle.curly hair

 One more idea is to tie your hair up in a high ponytail and leave a few bangs open to fall over your forehead. This hairstyle looks cute as well as glamorous.Ponytail

Another good option is tie your hair into a nice braid. You may also embellish your hair braid using different brooches or flowers to give it a prominent look.braid

You may also tie your hair into loose bun on the nape of your neck. This is another gorgeous hairstyle that makes you look enormously sexy and elegant.Messy bun

One more take a small section of your hair and fix it on the crown of your head using trendy pins or brooches. Leave the rest of your hair open and get ready to make heads turn.bump hairstyle

These were some elegantly beautiful black hairstyles for long hair that are sure to make heads turn to your side when you walk by. Try these on and enjoy styling!

Short Natural Curly Hairstyles

Short natural curly hairstyles are not simply about personal style but are a mirror of heritage and culture as well. Black women are generally blessed with naturally curly hair therefore having quest for short natural curly hairstyles by black women is just as natural. Natural curly hair can be a challenge to manage therefore cutting them short and styling them into short natural curly hairstyles is the best solution. Here we have some cool and classy short natural curly hairstyles for your assistance. Please check!

Short Natural Curly HairstylesShort Natural Curly Hairstyles


Unlike Mohawk, Fohawk does not include shaving the sides off thoroughly but it is generally clipped short. This hairstyle is also referred to as fake Mohawk or Faux Hawk. It just caters the shape of a fin on the center top of your head. You may use hairspray to style this sort of hair.Fohawk

Cornrow Braids

Braiding is a perfect idea to manage frizzy, curly hair. Cornrow involves braiding your hair close to your scalp with an underhanded upward direction to make continuous upturned rows. These rows are also made in simple straight style but funkier geometrical designs are quite famous.Cornrow Braids

The Afro

Natural curly hair best caters to afro style. There is a specific comb named as African Pick with conditioner or a gel is often used to keep your hair in place. African pick has wide and long teeth that have easy penetration through thick and curly hair. This makes it easier to manage frizzy hair.The Afro

Micro Braids

This is the most famous hairstyle among black women. This is a long-lasting and versatile hairstyle that looks graceful as well. This is bit time consuming but once you have made it, you are in peace.Micro Braids

Zulu Knots

These are often considered to be most original short natural curly hairstyles ethnically. Hair can be sectioned into 5-6 sections and braided into as many knots. This hairstyle looks stunning as well as keeps your hair at place.Zulu Knots

These were some neat and trendier short natural curly hairstyles that are sure to make you look glamorous and trouble-free. Enjoy hairstyling!

Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Bob haircuts for thick hair make it easy to maintain and look less voluminous. Getting your hair cut into choppy bob is a nice idea to consider as this one is versatile in terms of maintaining and styling. You may try out unique style with choppy bob and team it using side sweeping bang or blunt fringes. You may pair your hairstyle with bold and flamboyant colors as well. To reduce the volume of your hair, you may go for thee graduated cut. Sounds exciting? Let’s jump straight to variations in choppy bob haircuts for thick hair.

Bob Haircuts for Thick HairBob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Choppy Bobs

If you are looking for a bit longer bob then trying layering your bob would be an awesome idea. You just need to get your hair cut into layered bob and you have option to pair it with bangs or blunt fringes. You can also try coloring your sharp bangs or fringes with different hues like blue or red to make it funkier.Layered Choppy Bobs

Graduated Choppy Bobs

This is one of the trendiest bob haircuts for thick hair. In this haircut, you may keep the hair at your nape shorter than that of the hair on your sides. This cut can also be mixed with asymmetric bob. You have choice in deciding how long you want your length to be. This cut gives a less voluminous impression.Graduated Choppy Bobs

Blunt Choppy Bobs

This bob style bears resemblance with classic bob the most. In this style, your hair has even length again the choice is yours that how long you want your bob to be. Blunt bob looks amazing when this is paired with blunt fringes or bangs. Strait hair is more appropriate for this style.Blunt Choppy Bobs

Unusual Choppy Bobs

Many women like to get their hair cut into unusual bob. This style normally includes asymmetrical cut. You may also mix in the graduate bob making it concave bob in which one side of your hair would touch your shoulder while other touches chin. This style looks really stunning.Unusual Choppy Bobs

These were some amazing styles of choppy bob haircuts for thick hair that are easy to maintain and appear great. Try these on and enjoy your glamorous bob style!

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair can be a tough job to manage thus one have to seek out suitable medium length hairstyles for thick hair that are easy to manage and look trendy. Having voluminous hair is a blessing, and flaunting your thick hair with classy hairstyles is just an ideal concept. Giving your hair a perfect shape would simply make you look more voguish and classier. Here we have some amazing ideas to make medium length hairstyles for thick hair.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick HairMedium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

French Braid

French braid is a great idea to manage medium length thick hair. You just have to tie your hair into French braid and fix it using any rubber band. You may also embellish your hairstyle with jazzy accessories and lovey pins.French Braid

Half Updo

Half updo also looks chic on thick hair. This hairstyles is appropriate for all hair types but it works wonders on wavy and curly hair. If you have curly medium length hair, then tying the half of your hair on the back of your head would add more glam to your look.Half Updo

Messy Bun

Having medium length of hair makes your hair the most versatile thing to adapt any hairstyle. Medium is just an ideal length of hair to create any sort of hairstyle. Like other hairstyles, you may make a messy bun on the nape of your head and take some strands out to make it look even trendier.Messy Bun

Twisty Twists

If you are tired of your bangs then tying them up in front twists is a good idea to manage easily. You may also leave the rest of your hair open or tie them up in a high ponytail.Twisty Twists

High Ponytail

High ponytail is simple yet elegant hairstyle to be opted to manage thick hair with style and panache. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and embellish it using charming adornments.High Ponytail

These were some cute and trendy medium length hairstyles for thick hair that will not only help you to manage your hair but will make you look trendier and classier as well.

Feel free to ask style about Short curly haircuts for women.

Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you want to play with your overall look and have some change, then opting for a new haircut is just the nicest option. And if you are tired of handling your thick rude mane, then cutting it into some new trendy cut would be just amazing. Once you decide to cut your thick hair, you just have to look for some medium length haircuts for thick hair that would suit you. You do not need to cut your hair very short. Medium length haircuts for thick hair would just work fine. Just keep scrolling and read what more you can find here.

Medium Length Haircuts for Thick HairMedium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

Scene Haircut

This hairstyle is actually the best to lessen the volume of your thick hair. It reduces the volume of your hair and makes you look amazing. In this haircut, the hair at the top of your head is cut shorter keeping the rest medium to long. This hairstyle is incomplete without coloring.Scene Haircut

Emo Haircut

This haircut also helps to reduce the volume of your hair. This is one of funky medium length haircuts for thick hair. This haircuts looks stunning on young girls. Moreover, it helps to reduce the volume of your hair.Emo Haircut

Layered Haircut

Layers are something that looks amazing when done on medium length and it makes your hair look well-managed. You may make any updo out of it as well. You may also pair our layered hairstyle with cool fringes or side swept bangs.Layered Haircut

Cropped Haircut

This hairstyle is one of the trendiest medium length haircuts for thick hair. You can reduce the volume of your thick hair with the help of cropped haircut. In this haircut, the edges of your hair are finely cropped in such a manner that looks amazingly stylish.Cropped Haircut

These were some cool medium length haircuts for thick hair that help to manage your thick hair and make your look tremendously beautiful and stylish.

Short Hair for Older Women

Women tend to not to style their hair as they grow old. However, if you do not want to style much you may go for short hair as short hair for older women is a nice option. The major benefit of having short hair for older women is that they do not have to waste time and energy maintaining it. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot style your short hair. You can look as graceful in short hair as well. Just keep it simple and discover what more you can do…

Short Hair for Older WomenShort Hair for Older Women

Side Sweep Hairstyle

If you cannot fathom what sort of short hair for older would be appropriate, then side sweep hairstyle is a nice option. In this hairstyle, your hair would be parted into two portions, larger side having sweeping off to the other portion of your head.Side Sweep Hairstyle

Buzzed Haircut

If you want to have very short hair then going for buzzed haircut would be fair enough. Plus, it needs almost no maintenance or care. This is sort of crew cut that is mainly worn by men. You may also create a lot of variations in this haircut.
Buzzed Haircut

Short Shag Hairstyle

Short shag is such a hairstyle that goes with teens as well as older women. Similar to buzz cut, it also does not need a lot of care or maintenance. You just need to create a messy look without making it look untidy. Even if you have curly hair, this hairdo would work wonders with you. Despite of the fact that in this haircut, your hair cut would be cut very short, you can still style them into beautiful elegant manners.Short Shag Hairstyle

Pixie Cut

I think by now, you would have known that pixie is my favorite haircut that can make woman of any age cute and gorgeous. Plus, this is one of the most famous cuts for older women. In this haircut, you hair is cut very short. You may also make a lot of variations to this hairstyle. Moreover, it looks more attractive on grey hair.Pixie Cut

Very Short Layered Bob

This kind of bob can be referred to as conventional bob having a slight variation. In this hairstyle, your hair would be cut above your ear and the edges well-trimmed. Again, this is also a hairstyle that requires least maintenance.Very Short Layered Bob

These were a few options if you are looking for hairstyles that include short hair for older women. If you want to have some more option, keep exploring this webpage!

What Hairstyle is Right for Me?

The problem with some people is that they are tremendously beautiful but they do not know what sort of hairstyle will go with their face shape. Not all hairstyles and haircuts are appropriate for every face shape. If you too wonder the same thing that what hairstyle is right for me, then you need to do some research on some hairstyles according to some particular face shapes. Now you do not have to think what hairstyle is right for me as here I have brought some logical hairstyles that are appropriate for some particular sort of face shapes. You just know what face shape and structure you bear, and look into these hairstyles that are right for your face structure.

What Hairstyle is Right for Me?What Hairstyle if Right for Me

Famous Face Shapes

Hairstyles for Triangular Face

If you have narrow jawline, point chin, wide cheeks and forehead, then your structure is characterized by triangular shape. The right type of hairstyle for men is to have short hair and style it into spikes. Pairing your style with oval shaped glasses are you are set make girls drool over you.What Hairstyle if Right for Me?

Hairstyles for Oval Face

Oval shaped face is the most versatile. Women having oval face shape may opt for long as well as for short hair. As I said before this shape is versatile, women have a lot of room to adopt any hairstyle. Even if you may a bump on the crown of your head, that looks amazing also.Hairstyles for Oval Face

As far as men are concerned, they should not go for bangs, heavy fringes or rounded hairlines. They may wear long hair as well as short due to the versatility. Compliment your hairstyle with rounded glasses.Hairstyles for Oval Faced men

Hairstyles for Oblong Face

This shape is somewhat long and similar to oval. Women bearing this shape may have chin length hairstyles. This way, illusion of lesser length can be created. You may also team your hairstyle with fringes. Do not try on bob.Hairstyles for Oblong Face

Hairstyle for Square Face

In this shape, jawline, cheekbones and forehead are of almost same length. You may opt for the styles that smoothen your features. You need to cut your hair with soft edges. Bobs, heavy fringes or sharp cuts are big no no. You may jazz up your hairstyle with oval shaped glasses.Hairstyle for Square Face

I think now you can answer the question what hairstyle is right for me after reading this post. Opt what is best suited for you and enjoy your new look.

5 Cute Black Short Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is something that might seem difficult to manage. Thus cutting your curly tresses in short hair can be something relief to your styling conquest. Black women are naturally blessed with curly locks and that makes them even sexier. Plus,  hairstyles, when cut short and in proper style, it has the capacity to make you look outstanding. Black short curly hairstyles are some special sort of thing that is really easy to manage. No matter what sort of hairstyles do you go for, black short curly hairstyles always look good on every face shape. Here we have brought some amazing styles that you may pick from and make heads turn to your side.Black Short Curly Hairstyles (4)

Black Short Curly Hairstyles

#1: Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie cut is the most sought after short hairstyle that looks tremendously amazing on black women. As black women are blessed with natural curly lock, pixie cuts just works wonders for such category. You just need to cut your hair into pixie haircut and style them the way you want to.Pixie Hairstyles

#2: Messy Hairstyles

Having curly short hair would make it perfect for you to get a messy hairstyle. Messy hairstyles look great on young girls as well as on graceful ladies. You may use hairstyling gels and other products to make your perming hair look sexy and sizzling.Messy Hairstyles

#3: Layered Hairstyles

You may get short choppy layers as this is one of the most gorgeous black short curly hairstyles. You may also use different hair accessories to jazz up your hairstyle. Whatever layered style you choose, it just works wonders on black hair.Layered Hairstyles

#4: High Ponytail

High ponytail looks immensely cute on short curly hair. It enhances your beauty and elegance like nothing else can do. Just style your hair into nice high ponytail and style it using cute hair accessories.High Ponytail

#5: Blunt Bob

If you think that blunt bob does not look good on curly hair then you need to rethink. Blunt bob looks really graceful and cute on black curly hair. You may also pin up your hair from front and give your hair a casual look.Blunt Bob

These were some cute and beautiful black short curly hairstyles that are sure to make you look sexy as well as cute and elegant. Just try any of them and stay trendy!