Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

If you bear thick hair, then bob hairstyles for thick hair is something that describes glamor and comfort all at once. Bob will not only make you look beautiful but will satisfy your urge to cut your hair short as well. Either it early 60s or 2015, bob hairstyles for thick hair will never go out of vogue as this is considered to be evergreen kind of hairstyles. If you want to experiment with your look then discover out some stunning bob hairstyles for thick hair here.

Bob Hairstyles for Thick HairBob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Bowl Bob

This sort of bob requires you to have straight hair. In this bob, hair is cut in layers in such a way that it looks round in shape to make thick hair look more elegant. This cut is kept mildly below the ears. If you pair this bob with straight blunt bangs, then nothing else can ever beat this.Bowl Bob

Inverted Bob

This is one of the most famous bob hairstyles for thick hair. You have option in this style wither you want to cut your hair into symmetric or asymmetric bob. To get a neat and balanced appearance, it is best to keep the length till the nape of your neck. If you pair this style with side sweeping bangs, this is surely going to make heads turn to you.Inverted Bob

Stacked Bob

If you want to have a fresh and new look then combining your inverted bob with a stacked bob is really a creative yet voguish idea. Thus first get your hair cut in a length that is till the nape of your neck and keep the sides longer. After you’ve done this, now the stylist is going to layer your hair from the back side of your crown. This is done in such a manner that thick hair will look stacked. This is really an incredible style to go for.Stacked Bob

Unusual Bob

If you keep the two strands on sides longer, keeping the perfect asymmetric bob, this style is surely very interesting and unique. If you want to make it more unique then you may also try going for symmetric bob. This is really a bold look and looks really marvelous.Unusual Bob

Getting unique and interesting bob hairstyles for thick hair is a sure way to manage your thick hair in a trendy manner. Just pick any of the above mentioned bob styles and ask your stylist to cut in the best possible way. You’re good to rock the street with your classy look now!

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