Short Natural Curly Hairstyles

Short natural curly hairstyles are not simply about personal style but are a mirror of heritage and culture as well. Black women are generally blessed with naturally curly hair therefore having quest for short natural curly hairstyles by black women is just as natural. Natural curly hair can be a challenge to manage therefore cutting them short and styling them into short natural curly hairstyles is the best solution. Here we have some cool and classy short natural curly hairstyles for your assistance. Please check!

Short Natural Curly HairstylesShort Natural Curly Hairstyles


Unlike Mohawk, Fohawk does not include shaving the sides off thoroughly but it is generally clipped short. This hairstyle is also referred to as fake Mohawk or Faux Hawk. It just caters the shape of a fin on the center top of your head. You may use hairspray to style this sort of hair.Fohawk

Cornrow Braids

Braiding is a perfect idea to manage frizzy, curly hair. Cornrow involves braiding your hair close to your scalp with an underhanded upward direction to make continuous upturned rows. These rows are also made in simple straight style but funkier geometrical designs are quite famous.Cornrow Braids

The Afro

Natural curly hair best caters to afro style. There is a specific comb named as African Pick with conditioner or a gel is often used to keep your hair in place. African pick has wide and long teeth that have easy penetration through thick and curly hair. This makes it easier to manage frizzy hair.The Afro

Micro Braids

This is the most famous hairstyle among black women. This is a long-lasting and versatile hairstyle that looks graceful as well. This is bit time consuming but once you have made it, you are in peace.Micro Braids

Zulu Knots

These are often considered to be most original short natural curly hairstyles ethnically. Hair can be sectioned into 5-6 sections and braided into as many knots. This hairstyle looks stunning as well as keeps your hair at place.Zulu Knots

These were some neat and trendier short natural curly hairstyles that are sure to make you look glamorous and trouble-free. Enjoy hairstyling!

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