Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Bob haircuts for thick hair make it easy to maintain and look less voluminous. Getting your hair cut into choppy bob is a nice idea to consider as this one is versatile in terms of maintaining and styling. You may try out unique style with choppy bob and team it using side sweeping bang or blunt fringes. You may pair your hairstyle with bold and flamboyant colors as well. To reduce the volume of your hair, you may go for thee graduated cut. Sounds exciting? Let’s jump straight to variations in choppy bob haircuts for thick hair.

Bob Haircuts for Thick HairBob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Choppy Bobs

If you are looking for a bit longer bob then trying layering your bob would be an awesome idea. You just need to get your hair cut into layered bob and you have option to pair it with bangs or blunt fringes. You can also try coloring your sharp bangs or fringes with different hues like blue or red to make it funkier.Layered Choppy Bobs

Graduated Choppy Bobs

This is one of the trendiest bob haircuts for thick hair. In this haircut, you may keep the hair at your nape shorter than that of the hair on your sides. This cut can also be mixed with asymmetric bob. You have choice in deciding how long you want your length to be. This cut gives a less voluminous impression.Graduated Choppy Bobs

Blunt Choppy Bobs

This bob style bears resemblance with classic bob the most. In this style, your hair has even length again the choice is yours that how long you want your bob to be. Blunt bob looks amazing when this is paired with blunt fringes or bangs. Strait hair is more appropriate for this style.Blunt Choppy Bobs

Unusual Choppy Bobs

Many women like to get their hair cut into unusual bob. This style normally includes asymmetrical cut. You may also mix in the graduate bob making it concave bob in which one side of your hair would touch your shoulder while other touches chin. This style looks really stunning.Unusual Choppy Bobs

These were some amazing styles of choppy bob haircuts for thick hair that are easy to maintain and appear great. Try these on and enjoy your glamorous bob style!

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