What Hairstyle is Right for Me?

The problem with some people is that they are tremendously beautiful but they do not know what sort of hairstyle will go with their face shape. Not all hairstyles and haircuts are appropriate for every face shape. If you too wonder the same thing that what hairstyle is right for me, then you need to do some research on some hairstyles according to some particular face shapes. Now you do not have to think what hairstyle is right for me as here I have brought some logical hairstyles that are appropriate for some particular sort of face shapes. You just know what face shape and structure you bear, and look into these hairstyles that are right for your face structure.

What Hairstyle is Right for Me?What Hairstyle if Right for Me

Famous Face Shapes

Hairstyles for Triangular Face

If you have narrow jawline, point chin, wide cheeks and forehead, then your structure is characterized by triangular shape. The right type of hairstyle for men is to have short hair and style it into spikes. Pairing your style with oval shaped glasses are you are set make girls drool over you.What Hairstyle if Right for Me?

Hairstyles for Oval Face

Oval shaped face is the most versatile. Women having oval face shape may opt for long as well as for short hair. As I said before this shape is versatile, women have a lot of room to adopt any hairstyle. Even if you may a bump on the crown of your head, that looks amazing also.Hairstyles for Oval Face

As far as men are concerned, they should not go for bangs, heavy fringes or rounded hairlines. They may wear long hair as well as short due to the versatility. Compliment your hairstyle with rounded glasses.Hairstyles for Oval Faced men

Hairstyles for Oblong Face

This shape is somewhat long and similar to oval. Women bearing this shape may have chin length hairstyles. This way, illusion of lesser length can be created. You may also team your hairstyle with fringes. Do not try on bob.Hairstyles for Oblong Face

Hairstyle for Square Face

In this shape, jawline, cheekbones and forehead are of almost same length. You may opt for the styles that smoothen your features. You need to cut your hair with soft edges. Bobs, heavy fringes or sharp cuts are big no no. You may jazz up your hairstyle with oval shaped glasses.Hairstyle for Square Face

I think now you can answer the question what hairstyle is right for me after reading this post. Opt what is best suited for you and enjoy your new look.

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