Short to Medium Hairstyles

There is a misunderstanding among people that in order to appear attractive, you ought to have long hair. But, the truth is that girls do look gorgeous in short to medium hairstyles as well, no matter what hair texture they have. As a matter of fact, the most charming short to medium hairstyles tend to be in careful layering. If you have thin hair, your hair will seem to be stringy and flat if left long. It just would not have the natural look that is necessary to look nice if you keep it long below your shoulders. Such a hairstyle may generate a look of bald spots on the head. Regardless of the exact haircut, giving highlights is an effective technique to render some support. Adding lowlights, highlights, or streaks mainly helps in generating the depth and dimension absent in your tresses. Let’s have a look on some cool short to medium hairstyles.Short to Medium Hairstyles

Short to Medium Hairstyles

#1: Short Crop Cut

This hairstyle is a generally sported by girls who have thin hair. In this style, hair around your sides and the back of your head must be trimmed around an inch in length. Hair on the top of your head must become progressively longer from the back of your crown to the fringes. The fringes are necessary to be cut at around eyebrow length with a delicate side sweep. This provides an appearance of thick hair and adds volume.Short to Medium Hairstyles

#2: Medium Oval Cut

This sort of hairstyle offers a very natural appearance for girls who sport thin hair. In this kind of style, hair around the sides and back of your head are cut in a subtle oval shape, with the hair at the scruff ending one or two inches below your shoulders. It also contains soft feathering and long and side swept fringes around your face.Short to Medium Hairstyles

#3: Blunt Bob

The ‘blunt bob’ hairstyle is mostly sported by women and is famed among various celebrities. Women sporting thin hair can actually depend on this hairdo. It can be trimmed anywhere from your shoulder to ear length, and it can be worn with any kind of fringes. In this hairstyle, the fringes are needed to be trimmed across in a straight line, and the rest of your hair must to be casually layered into a rounded and sleek shape.Short to Medium Hairstyles

#4: Blunt with Bang

If you pair your blunt hairstyle with bangs it would also look superb. It will give you a younger look as well as trendier look.Short to Medium Hairstyles

#5: Graduate Layer

Graduate layers is an amazing hairstyle if your hair length is short to medium. It looks very beautiful on almost hair textures and face shapes. This style would never fade away out of fashion and you would spot celebrities sporting this hairstyle, walking down the red carpet.Short to Medium Hairstyles

These are just a couple of short to medium hairstyles for thin hair; nevertheless, there are much more such stylish ones. Keep experimenting with new ones every few months to render yourself a younger and newer looking ‘you’.

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