Short and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

If you are looking for some short and sassy haircuts, then you have a lot of options in bob. The standard bob has now evolved to amazing short and sassy haircuts. It was long ago that women used to fancy regular bob. Now you can have variation by going for layered bob. Due to it’s versatility, layered bob is an amazing to be tried on. To have the traditional sassy bob, you need to cut your hair shorter. Here we are going to discuss some amazing things about short and sassy haircuts.

Short and Sassy Haircuts

If you think that bob doesn’t look unique, then you may have a lot of variations by getting it in layered style. You may play with the length of your hair by making additions of layers and bangs to your regular bob. The styles that you may play with are:

A-line bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Blunt bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Angled bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Inverted bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Stacked bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Asymmetrical bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

Layered bobShort and Sassy Haircuts in Bob

These are some short and sassy haircuts in bob that look tremendously gorgeous on women of almost every age. These are timeless hairstyles that may never fade away.

Bob with a bit long layers in front and comparatively shorter stacked in the back offer a gracefully defined weight line that makes it a round shape. If you want a bit sassier look then cheek caressing side bangs would work wonders. You may also keep your bangs in asymmetric shape.

If your face shape is on the longer side, then you may try considering going for chin-length bob. This hairstyle can be paired with side-swept bangs to accentuate your features. Women having big foreheads may opt for angled layering with Cleopatra bangs.

Where the classic bob is regarded as smooth one-length hairstyle having well-defined outlines, getting your hair cut into deep or delicate layers of varied lengths cater a whole new appearance that is trendy and sassy. So if you have been thinking to get a new look, the get your tresses cut into this short and sassy haircut and get ready to make heads turn.

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