Short Haircuts for Women over 40

Turning to 40 is a great milestone that most of the women tend to oversee. I’m unable to fathom why. 40 never ever mean old. It’s just a sign of more wisdom and maturity. So you have to stop staggering over the ‘years gone by’ and do something tremendously ‘radical’ to make your present fun and pleasant, together with some oomph and style thrown in too. And best thing to do is to maintain your beauty. Beauty also comes with hair. And you know what? I can’t wait till my hair would go grey. But that takes a long while actually. However, you may take care of your looks by playing with your haircuts. I think the best suited ones are the Short Haircuts for Women over 40. So here you’re gonna find some really cool short haircuts for women over 40.

Short Haircuts for Women over 40

#1: Messy Mane

This appearance is pretty famous, particularly among women over 40. It is basically a short haircut that is said to have resemblance with boy cut. Yet this has a feminine look. This haircut adds a bit of sophistication and elegance to your face making your neck look beautifully long. Turning 40 does not mean you cannot have trendy haircut. Thus, go for it and get this cute short haircut.Short Haircuts for Women over 40

#2: Extremely Short

Women over 40 look amazing with extremely short hair. You may go for choppy cut or cut them near your head equally. You may also try coloring them to grey to make it look more sophisticated and graceful.Short Haircuts for Women over 40

#3: Choppy Layers

If you are looking for one haircut that looks amazing in every form, then choppy layers is just what you are looking for. Whether you keep your hair medium or short, choppy layers just appear marvelous. Choppy layers, when performed on short hair, look tremendously attractive and elegant. This is even best suited for long face shape.Short Haircuts for Women over 40

#4: Pixie Layers

Pixie is the most elegant for of short haircuts for women over 40. You know it’s never too late to change your appearance. It gives you a picture perfect look even in your 40s. If you do not believe me, then check out Ashley Judd and Jamie Lee Curtis for inspiration.Short Haircuts for Women over 40

#5: Inverted Bob

Inverted bob can be defined as elegant, chic, and classic. All those talks that bob is for teens and all, its just an illusion. Inverted bob is a haircut that can make you look elegant and graceful instantly even in your 40s. If your face shape is more on the side of triangle, you can best carry this off.Short Haircuts for Women over 40

For all my gorgeous ladies out there who have turned 40, you are still very graceful and elegant. Age is just a number, just keep sparkling!

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