Very Short Haircuts for Women

One of the finest way to revamp your look is to change your hairstyle. And in long hair, you cannot bring much change, thus very short haircuts for women play a significant role in changing the overall look. Very short haircuts for women are quite easy to maintain and look trendy as well. If you are looking for some ideas, then I can help you with. Just scroll down to know them.

Very Short Haircuts for Women

#1: Gamine Haircut

Gamine haircut is immaculately a fashion-forward haircut that looks perfectly stunning. If you have delicate bone structure then this haircut is just ideal for you. In this haircut, your hair is cut into soft graduate layers and tapered at the back and sides. Bang can make this haircut more feminine.Very Short Haircuts for Women

#2: Pixie Haircut

Pixie cut, I don’t know why, is my favorite haircut. It instantly makes you look classy and cute at the same time. For women having strong facial features, this haircut is perfect. It is both sophisticated and feminine. In this cut, your hair at the sides and back is cut short while hair at top is kept longer.Very Short Haircuts for Women

#3: Crop Haircut

Now, this is something for selective women. If your face shape is heart or oval then you can best carry it off. In this haircut again, your hair will be cut very short but the hair on the top will be kept a bit longer. If your hair is wavy or curly, then there is big no-no for you to try this haircut.Very Short Haircuts for Women

#4: Bob Haircut

Did someone say very short haircuts for women? Well, this category is incomplete without bob. You can have a very short bob. Asymmetric bob is something that will look good.Very Short Haircuts for Women

#5: Shaggy Haircut

If you have thick hair, then this haircut is for you. This haircut actually tends to volumize the look of your hair, so, women having curly or frizzy hair should avoid this haircut. Straight hair would be ideal for this haircut. In this haircut, hair is cut into choppy layers. You may pair it with bang as well.Very Short Haircuts for Women

These very short haircuts for women are a sure way to make you look fashion-forward and elegant. Try them out and get ready to make heads turn.

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