Short Curly Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

Hairstyles describe a lot about one’s personality. And when ladies are heading towards the higher levels of their lives they are more conscious about wearing sophisticated hairstyles and clothing. As women approach their fifties, they are less on the side to be energetic and enthusiastic enough to style their long hair. Especially when your hair is curly, keeping it short in length is better. Here we have compiled some cool and trendy short curly haircuts for women over fifty. Let’s check them out!

Short Curly Haircuts for Women over Fifty

#1: Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are a working lady, then this style is ideal for you as it requires less maintenance for a busy schedule. You just need to gather all your hair on the top and tie them up into a ponytail. If any of the short hair strands come out then you may use stylish hair pins to secure them.Short Curly Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

#2: Bob Style Hairstyles

Bob is classic haircut that can never go out of vogue. Either get the blunt bob, or the asymmetric one, bob is a sure way to make you look decent and sophisticated. And if its done on curly hair, nothing can look cuter than this.Short Curly Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

#3: Pixie Cuts Hairstyles

Pixie cuts are the cutest for short curly haircuts for women. In this haircut, your hair is cut short and it looks pretty cool. To get this cut, ask your stylist to cut your hair short from the back and sides into the crops and hair at front into bangs.Short Curly Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

#4: Layered Bobs Hairstyles

To get this style, you need to get your stacked bob first. In this style, the hair at crown and back is cut into layers for the stacked effect. This would add volume to your hair making you look stunningly adorable.Short Curly Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

I hope you liked these short curly haircuts for women that look really good on them when they are in their fifties or above. My dear gorgeous ladies, pick any of the abovementioned styles and enjoy your grace.

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