Short Black Hairstyles 2015

As black hair tend to be thick, it could be difficult to manage them in long length. Thus cut your air off and turn your boring thick black into something exciting never before. Short Black Hairstyles are really easy to manage and require less maintenance. Here I have come up with the trendiest and latest Short Black Hairstyles 2015 that you will not be able to resist after reading this post…

Short Black Hairstyles 2015

#1: Hip Layers

You may go for a short layered haircut to add some spice to your regular look. if you have thin air then this hairstyle is really good to add volume to your hair. Especially if you have pixie haircut, this would add an out of the world glam to your look. You may also use highlights or lowlights to jazz up your layers using red or purple hues.Short Black Hairstyles 2015

#2: Crafted Braids

Braids on short hair look real cute thing. If your hair has length long enough to be braided then its fine, but if it isn’t then you may take help of hair extensions. Even you may use colorful air extensions to make your hair look funkier and trendier.Short Black Hairstyles 2015

#3: Curly Thingy

Curls on short hair, again, look amazingly stunning adding uniqueness to your hair. it is assumed that men adore women who have curly hair. So, if you want to steal the heart of your man, go for it girl it’s not gonna fail!Short Black Hairstyles 2015 3

#4: Inverted Bob

Now bob is something which is most suitable for short black hairstyles and can never fade away. That is why we have some bob short black hairstyles as well. Inverted bob is a bit opposite to the regular bob. In this bob, your hair at back are cut shorter whereas the hair on your sides are kept a bit longer. So it gives an upside down U shape which looks quite trendy.Short Black Hairstyles 2015

#5: Foxy Bob

Foxy bob again, an amazing thing to try on short hair. if you have straight hair then my dear ladies, foxy bob is just for you. You may even play with this styles by adding bangs or fringes on front. Anything additional to this style will make it more stylish.Short Black Hairstyles 2015

#6: Blunt Bob

This is a standard classic style which is appropriate for all the women out there. If you are a working lady, then this is just your thing. In this style, hair is cut in equal length so that this is versatile in terms of styling and jazzing up.Short Black Hairstyles 2015

I hope you enjoyed these latest short black hairstyles 2015 as much as I did. Follow us to know more about some exciting hairstyles.

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